Four Reasons Why Semis Tip Over and Need Recovery Towing

PC290188We’re in the business of recovering semi-trucks, providing parts in an emergency situations and getting them back on the road to transport all the goods and products we need.  Too often, we see trucks tip over, unable to get back out there without emergency recovery and professional experience. It takes the right equipment and the right people to recover and haul big rigs. It’s quite the scene to see a huge trailer tipped over on the side of the road, blocking traffic and holding up everyone from continuing with their normal routine or trip. So what causes these huge vehicles and trailers to tip over in the first place?


Trailer has been loaded improperly – You can load a truck the right way and of course, the wrong way. The wrong way is dangerous, and if a truck is loaded so that the objects inside make it top-heavy, or if the containments may shift during the trip, it can become a dangerous situation. Because most of the vehicle weight is located in the trailer, it has to be evenly distributed, secure and properly in place to avoid a tipping over accident.


Wind – The trailer has a lot of surface area and draws a lot of extra attention from the wind. If a trailer is directly hit by a gust of wind, the truck driver could easily lose control of the vehicle. If the trailer is empty and trucks do not heed the high wind warnings, the truck is especially vulnerable to tip over during accidents.


High Speed – The faster you go, the higher risk you have for tipping over. The faster you’re driving the more likely you could have a rollover accident, especially combines with an improperly loaded trailer, or if the driving becomes a little more reckless.


Careless Driving – This could be the most common cause.  The shape allows the truck to be susceptible to a tip over.  New or inexperienced drivers, who do not fully understand how to safely drive the rig, may have a tougher time controlling the vehicle.  If you take a sharp turn or turn too quickly, you could lose control of the trailer and end up tipping over.


With 21-years of experience in the trucking industry, we have the knowledge, experience, and tools needed to tow, repair, and recover your truck. If one of these scenarios happens to you, give us a call and we can get you back on the road.



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