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Why Use An Air Cushion Recovery System?


549214-R1-23-25A_024Sometimes in the event of an accident, extra precautions and measures need to be taken in order to properly recover a vehicle. An air cushion recovery system will be used in a situation where trailers may have tipped over or have been stranded on their side. So why would you use an air cushion recovery system instead of a crane or towing system. Here are some of the benefits.

Air cushions working alone, or in conjunction with recovery cranes, make difficult jobs ordinary. They can be applied to vehicles ranging in size of 4 wheels to 50 wheels, and loads weighing up to 200+ tons. The simplicity and effectiveness of an air-cushioned system make it a popular choice for many recovery and towing companies, including ours here in Arkansas.


With any recovery, the first few feet off the ground are the hardest, when the weight is at the maximum capacity. Air cushions relieve some of the pressure and cradle the truck, lifting it higher and higher through the recovery arc until the weight has shifted and the center of gravity is inside the outer edge of the ground wheels.


The cushions are fitted with handles for ease of handling and positioning. They make it easy to quickly set them into place.  They’re puncture resistant, skid resistant and maintain a grip on the ground and the load. Without a doubt, it’s the most versatile recovery system on the market. They can significantly reduce the damage suffered by your equipment and cargo.